A Cure For Wellness – Everything Is… Ok

Quick Thoughts: A Cure For Wellness (2016)

A highly ambitious, young executive attempts to retrieve a CEO from a wellness centre.

A Cure For Wellness is, in my view, a modern masterpiece – and will likely be confirmed as such with time.

Boiled down to its most simple form, A Cure For Wellness is a film about not knowing how to appreciate life; it is about an element of our society, and the world alike, that only believes that it can dream – can live in a utopia – with its eyes closed. Moreover, A Cure For Wellness is a horror about a group of people, lead by a corrupt individual, who decide to do something about this; to take those who think that they can only dream with their eyes closed and turn them into animals who do not know when their eyes are open or closed, and who do not know how to recognise reality as anything other than a dream – a dream in which they never have to suffer or sacrifice anything to the consequence of never being able to truly live with emotion, vulnerability and meaning. And this is done by the corrupt, vain and sadomasochistic individuals for their own gain and self-satisfaction; for the realisation of their own corrupt dreams and ideologies.

A Cure For Wellness is then, in a certain sense, a film about Communist Russia and Nazi Germany – and it could be a film about a future in which corrupt ideologies and economic and political systems rule our the world and bring it to its knees; it is a film about a society blindly following the regime of, and being taken advantage of, by perverse, malicious and thoroughly corrupt individuals.

What then makes this a masterpiece in my view is its depiction of an individual that wakes up, and with him, wakes others up to live in a world that is, in fact, ok – that could be better – but is ok as is, and, in turn, is worth living in.



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